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Nygård 2:14

Nygård 2:14 comprises an existing logistics facility totaling about 130,000 sqm across two buildings. It is possible to divide the premises into areas of 10,000 sqm and upward. The facility will be available from Q4 2024 and comes with a rail connection to Mälarbanan with an intermodal terminal and a track running directly into the premises. The facility is also highly suited for manufacturing and other light industry.


    This is a unique opportunity to lease premises customized specifically for your operations with its own rail connection in a strategic location.

    GreenHub Bro brings together different modes of transport, companies, goods and people between Sweden, the Nordic region and the rest of the world.


    The space in the existing facility is distributed between several buildings including two larger buildings of 88,000 and 33,000 sqm that can be divided into smaller premises down to about 10,000 sqm. The rail connection to Mälarbanan is equipped with an intermodal terminal with a track running directly into the premises. The existing buildings can be modified in consultation with future tenants. The premises have a clear ceiling height of between 5.1–8.6 meters and many loading bays.


    By car, GreenHub Bro is situated a mere 30 minutes from Stockholm City via the E18 highway and Arlanda Airport can be reached in 35 minutes. The area has its own connection to Mälarbanan. The rest of the Mälardalen region is highly accessible and the new Stockholm Bypass will further strengthen the region when complete. GreenHub Bro can easily be reached by car via the E18 highway and Enköpingsvägen, as well as public transport. The 555 bus stops in the area and links commuters to Kungsängen station where they can connect to commuter trains.

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