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GreenHub Bro is a 1.4 million sqm area strategically located about 30 minutes from Stockholm City Center, offering an existing logistics facility totaling about 130,000 sqm.

The space is distributed between several buildings that can be divided into premises of 10,000 sqm and upward, and comes with rail connection to Mälarbanan with its own intermodal terminal and a track running directly into the premises. The facility is also highly suited for manufacturing and other light industry.

In GreenHub Bro, we also offer newly constructed light industrial premises with excellent potential to customize the design for optimized efficiency. The buildings also have generous access to marshalling areas.

The strategic location in the Mälardalen region in close proximity to Stockholm creates excellent opportunities for efficient logistics. Its proximity to other areas in the Mälardalen region, Arlanda Airport, ports and the future Stockholm Bypass make GreenHub Bro one of the region’s strongest logistics locations.

Four good reasons to establish operations in GreenHub Bro

Variety of premises

GreenHub Bro offers both an existing logistics facility with premises from 10,000 to 130,000 sqm and smaller, newly constructed light industrial premises.

Rail connection

The existing logistics facility comes with a rail connection to Mälarbanan with an existing intermodal terminal and a track running directly into the premises.

Access to land

GreenHub Bro is a 1.4 million sqm area with favorable access to marshalling areas and growth opportunities through further new construction.

Strategic location

The area is strategically located close to Stockholm and the rest of the Mälardalen region. With its 3.7 million inhabitants, the Mälardalen region accounts for 43% of Sweden’s GDP and provides access to purchasing power and labor. Population growth in the region by 2040 is forecast for 14%, corresponding to about an additional 500,000 inhabitants.

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Location of GreenHub Bro

GreenHub is located in an excellent strategic position in the Stockholm–Mälardalen region. In addition to the rail connection to the Mälaren Line, GreenHub is also linked to a road network providing many opportunities for distribution to cities both in Sweden and in the rest of the Nordic region.

GreenHub Bro is:

  • 35 minutes to Arlanda Airport
  • 30 minutes to Stockholm City
  • 55 minutes to Västerås
  • 35 minutes to Bromma Airport
  • 55 minutes to Uppsala
  • 35 minutes to Enköping


GreenHub Bro encompasses a land area of 1.4 sqm consisting of both existing facilities and land with building rights that is developed through two projects: Nygård 2:14 and Nygård 2:17. Nygård 2:14 involves the development, improvement and modifications of the existing logistics facility of 130,000 sqm. Nygård 2:17 involves the new construction project of more small-scale commercial premises. In the first stage, a total of 6,500 sqm is being developed across two buildings.

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Maria Jonsson

Head of Development